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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Actors

In one of the few conversations I had with Detective Barbosa, he referred to the parties involved in this case as actors. I thought I would continue with that terminology. When tragedies like this occur, rumors run wild. It is sometimes very difficult to confirm fact from fiction so that is what I am attempting to do here. I'm going to list what I know to be fact, as well as any rumors I have heard. If anyone has information that can confirm or deny anything involving any of the actors, or anything else we may not be aware of, please comment below or email

This is not an attempt to accuse anyone of any crime, cover-up, or conspiracy. Anything on this post that is not known to be fact is strictly my opinion. I am only trying to separate fact from fiction. I watch enough real life crime shows on TV to know that even the most minute thing can be very important.

This is a work in progress. I am going to publish the incomplete document and will update it as time permits. Again, feel free to comment on ANYONE or ANYTHING you know about this case even if I have not yet published anything on a particular actor.

Jameyea Brockett
I know very little about Jameyea, other than when Adam met her, he went downhill fast. There was a time when my family suspected Jameyea could somehow be involved in this murder. Personally, I no longer think that is the case.

Fact: Jameyea and Adam lived together. Her crack addicted mother stayed with them for a while. Adam had recently put her out.

Fact: Adam had alot of cash and Jameyea knew it. He was trying to collect enough money to pay off fees so he could get off probation the following day. The day before the funeral when my family was trying to find money to bury Adam, Jameyea went shopping. She came to Karen's house with several new outfits and a new tatoo. We never found Adam's money.

Rumor: Adam had been talking with an ex-girlfriend. They had discussed getting back together. Adam commented about this on a My Space or Facebook page. He had planned to break up with Jameyea. She was very upset over this.

Rumor: Jameyea drove Adam to the hospital and left him there. She went back to their apartment to hide cocaine and a screwdriver.

Opinion: The screwdriver is important because Adam had a cut on his lip. My mother asked the funeral director what is was. The funeral director said it looked like a cut from a screwdriver. This is very odd since Jameyea told me Adam pulled a screwdriver on Jackson but she took it away from him before he got out of the car. A very good source (I won't name them unless I get their ok) told me Adam tried to stab Terrence with a screwdriver while Adam was still in the passenger seat of the Cadillac, then threw it on the floor of the passenger seat, got out of the car and tried to check Terrence's pockets for money. They both started throwing punches at each other. When Terrence was knocked down, Jameyea ran up and hit Terrence in the head with something. When I asked for more detail on the screwdriver she said Chris saw Adam and Terrence fighting with the screwdriver while Adam was in the passenger seat. Just before Chris saw them, Sarah saw them with the screwdriver and told Chris to get out and make sure nothing happened. I told Detective Barbosa about the screwdriver. I also emailed ADA Justin Cunningham asking if the murder weapon was a knife or a screwdriver. I also asked if Adam's car had been searched by police. I told him there were many screwdrivers in the console of the Cadillac. Karen bagged them. He told me in the phone conversation I had with him that all the wounds were from a knife. He did not answer if the car had been searched. During closing arguments Dusty Gallivan showed a police photograph of a knife and a screwdriver on the coffee table. Neither were tested. I am not sure if police confiscated the screwdriver or just didn't test it. To my knowledge, the autopsy did not mention any wounds that could be from a screwdriver, nor did the medical examiner testify that a screwdriver was involved. I was subpoenaed so the only part of the trial I witnessed were closing arguments.

Fact: Jameyea told me she dated Terrence Jackson's cousin for several years. She told me Jackson was her mother's drug dealer. I claim this to be fact because Jameyea told me this herself.

Rumor: Jameyea was at a club with Terrence Jackson a few days after the murder.

Fact: Jameyea's testimony at trial was different than her initial statements to police and to me.

Opinion: I am not sure why Jameyea lied. Karen told me she called her a few weeks before trial. She had been ordered to talk with ADA Cunningham regarding her testimony. She asked Karen to drive her to the courthouse. While in the car she asked Karen how she thought the trial would go. Karen said she thought Lyson would walk. When Jameyea asked why, Karen said because no one saw it happen. Karen said that Jameyea told her she would say she saw Lyson do it. Karen told her not to do that. I have no idea what she told ADA Cunningham that day. Did he put her on the stand knowing she would lie? Or did this come as a complete shock to him? Did Jameyea lie because she truly believed Lyson did it, was it to protect her friend, Terrence Jackson, or did she lie because she was scared of him? Did detectives coach Jameyea into implicating Lyson as they did with Sarah Fontenot?

There are many unanswered questions that I believe deserve to be investigated.

Terrence Jackson
I have never met Terrence Jackson. I have seen him only once. Karen and I were sitting in the DA’s office during trial. We called it our holding cell. The last day of trial, Joe Commander brought in a witness in shackles. He had on a suit and tie but you could see the tattoos underneath. We knew Jackson was in jail for an unrelated crime. We looked at each other, both wondering, could that be Terrence Jackson? We stepped into the hallway. We could not be in the same room with him. He was the prosecutions star witness.

At that time, we knew Jameyea had told the hospital ER that “a friend” stabbed Adam. We knew Jackson was her friend, and she did not know Lyson. We assumed the police and district attorney’s office had done an investigation and thought they knew something we didn’t that would prove Lyson was the killer. We didn’t understand why Jackson had not been charged as well.

We DID NOT KNOW that Jackson was a CRIMINAL INFORMANT for the police. We DID NOT KNOW they were PROTECTING HIM. We DID NOT KNOW he was one of their own.

After Lyson was acquitted we were very upset. We felt he, Jackson and Fontenot got away with murder because the police were incompetent. I assumed they didn’t bother to investigate a murder because they thought Adam was a drug user and just didn’t care.

After trial I read the newspaper articles online at That is when I read Jackson was a drug informant. There were several comments that talked about police incompetence and corruption.
Check back soon for updates. Like I said, this is a work in progress.

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